Friday, 2 August 2013

4 convertible Furnishings!

The interiors industry has grown a lot and people are now preferring the most lavish, interesting and up-to-the-minute pieces. Few years ago, people used to look for elegance and beauty in their home furniture, but now the conceptualization has been changed and people are focusing of functionality more than looks. As the trend is moving towards smaller homes, studios and flats so the interior industry is introducing the furniture items that occupy less space and gives maximum functionality. Here, I am going to discuss five items that offers you multi-functioning in a single package.

Sofa Beds:
Sofa beds are the most contemporary ones that offer you dual functioning or triple functioning at times. It is a sofa which is convertible to bed at the hours of need. You can simply pull out the sleeping area or mattress hidden below it to offer an extra sleeping area. At times, these sofa beds come up with ample hidden storage area which can be used to store pillows, blankets etc.

TV Bed:
It is the second most contemporary furniture items that offer you comfort and easiness in a single package. It gives you leisure by providing you TV within your premises and easy access. This bed encloses an embedded TV on the area of footboard.

 Book Rack:
Now a day, book racks are coming up in the market with great innovation. These racks enclose a special interesting study area either in the form of chair or bed in between it. It looks appealing in looks and saves up space that the extra study chair or table will occupy.

Storage tables:

It is another modern multi-functional furniture item. You can find tables with hidden storage area in different form. It may be a coffee table, nigh stand table, ottoman or any other form of table. Even now they are obtainable in the form of foot rest with hidden storage. People place these items for beauty and store relevant items in it.