Friday, 8 June 2012

Make the best use of your kid’s bedroom

For lots of kids, bunk beds are very thrilling. Many kids greatly want a big kid bed, bunk beds have the benefit of offering children to sleep above or below a sibling in addition they are also a fun play space.

With all their entertainment and amusement, bunk beds are also available with few major safety threats. It is very important to inform parents about the threats related to bunk bed. The most important safety risk is injuries as a result of kids falling from their beds, which generally happens when kids are playing randomly and are left unsupervised for some time.

There are a number of ways to keep kids bunk beds secure. First and prime option is that it is extremely important to have safety guardrails on all four sides of the top beds. These guardrails must be secure in a way that children use to turn and toss or roll during their sleep. Besides, one more simple safety measure is not to allow children under the age of six to sleep in the upper bunk.

Moreover, ladder security is also of utmost importance. You should make your kids learn how to carefully use the ladder of the bunk bed, and advice them that horseplay on the ladder or upper bunk will not be allowed. Lastly, in rooms with kids’ bunk beds, night lights should be utilised to give further security if the child in the upper bunk wakes up during the night and has to go out the bed.

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