Thursday, 2 August 2012

Attractive beddings for your different bed sizes

Sometimes we come across with the problem of availability of clean bed sheets that we are obliged to use for our King size bed on a double beds size mattress. Is it possible for us to adjust it to fit a double sized bed mattress? Well with the help of bit creativity, we can do it very easily. And that we can do without using scissors and needles.

A standard double measures about 197cm in length and 141cm in width whereas King size beds measures 207cm long and 156cm wide. In order to eradicate the additional width, the bed sheet will need to be inserted in between the mattress and the bed foundation. Now the question is what should we do with the extra bed sheet? Get the additional piece together and pin it to the bed.

While an ample sized bed sheet might be altered to fit with a double sized bed mattress, how it seems is another thing to think about. It might not look attractive appealing if it has a firm fitting around the bed frame mainly if it is in solid colour.

There are so many attractive and well designed bedding's are available in the market in a variety of different fabrics, some are soft and durable enough for daily usage while other are only for showcase that are extremely delicate and should be used occasionally. For instance, bed sheet made up of cotton materials can be used on routine basis and as compare to silk sheet is more soft, comfortable and durable.

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