Wednesday, 26 December 2012

5 Steps To Purchase an ideal novel Bed

If you are determined to acquire a fresh bed you may perhaps be speculating where to initiate. The souk these days has plenty of alternatives, perhaps even countless; so it’s superlative to plan your bed acquisition cautiously, as beds are great pricey items we only obtain after many years. Here, I have suggested some steps that will lead you towards the selection of a perfect bed which will ensure the enhancement of your bedroom. 

 Clarify your budget:
It’s persuasive and appealing to limit your budget before your purchase process but bear in mind that budget should not be your first priority. No doubt you should look for money saving items but do not compromise quality and comfort over pennies.  Bed must be most durable, comfortable and lavish one. 

Choose bed type:
Do you prefer a footboard and headboard? Do you have plenty of space or running under shortage? Do you need a style icon? Or you want to hide items under your bed?
You need to answer these entire questions. There are many alternatives available which answer each question. For instance, If you have boards then choose sleigh beds, if you prefer storage then select storage beds or platform ones etc. 

Decision about bed size:
The decision about the bed size is very necessary because it effects your mattress selection too. The selection of bed size must be according to your room space. It should be appropriate according to your room size. Addition of headboards and footboards increases the inches of bed span so consider them too. The size of mattress should not be greater than bed size because it looks odd and is dangerous too.
You must consider your own size too. For taller people it should be greater than 200 cm. generally, it should be large enough so that you may move around the bed. Think about other items too that are coming in package with bed. Do you have sufficient space to place them?

Style & material:
Determine your room decoration style that either it is traditional, contemporary, royal etc. The selection of your furniture style, material or color totally depends upon your room style. If your style is contemporary then choose a leather bed, if it is traditional then opt for a wooden one, if you have a royal look then select a Victorian aged metallic bed frame.
You may also go for upholstered beds because they give you option to customize your bedding through different coverings. All these beds suits different styles and add value to your room style and d├ęcor. 

Color selection:
 You need to look at your whole room including your window treatments, flooring, bed linens, wall colors and other furniture items. If you find symmetry and a theme in between them then you must choose the bed in same theme. Do not go for contrasting colors and designs.\

These are the five steps that you need to follow when you are at a point to opt for a new bed for your bedroom.

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