Thursday, 13 December 2012

5 Tips to Makeover Your Apartment

If you get notorious after entering your apartment and having a look on it then its time to make over your place and give it a new refreshing look; so that it may please you. You may makeover your room with little money, time and effort but still you can have a bigger impact of this small makeover. Here, I have suggested some tips that will help you in making over room.
Clutter free area:
First of all you must make your place free from clutter. A thumb rule say that if you haven’t used any item from 3 months then you must throw it. You may put it store room, recycle it, gift it to someone, give it in charity or simply discard it. If your room will free from unused and less used items then its lines will be more visible to the viewers. You must specially remove the paintings, knickknacks, pictures and decoration pieces.  As the number of items will be low, the value contained by each element will be high.
New look with fabrics:
You must provide your furniture with a completely new look. If you are using the same slipcovers which your parents or grandparents were using, then you are doing a big mistake. The fashion and trend of those patterns, fabric and colors have gone now. You must change it with a new one to add elegance to your room furniture. Modern and stylish coverings for your sofa beds, tables, dining chairs and curtains will make your living room or apartment more sophisticated. You may add layers of covering in different colors to make the covering more appealing.
Creativity on walls:
If you are living in apartments then it is a sort of leasing where you can’t paint the walls, either it is prohibited or a total waste. In this case, what you need is to procure some lengthy, inexpensive but tasteful clothes from a discount shop.  Take it to a sewing shop and let it stitch in an attractive way. Then drape this fabric on your walls with classy and chic hooks. To give a more refined look to your walls, add a bigger picture on one of the walls.
Have a screwdriver:
Nothing can change the feel and look of your room more than curtain rods, dressers, light switches and cabinets. If you change the look of these minor elements then your room will be re-styled. All of these items that were in use earlier will not get wasted. You may store these elements and you may also use these elements in other rooms. The best way is to swap the positions of your elements.
Give continuity:
One of the easiest ways of making over your room is to just place a rug in the middle of the apartment so that it may pull all of the items together. Through a rug, you may add a sense of continuity and flow in your room. It gives a complete look to your room. You may arrange the exotic seating items leather beds or corner sofas on it or you may simply put some cushion on rug so that people can sit on rug.
 These are the most common tips to make over your apartment so that it may support your new life style and give you peace and comfort.

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