Monday, 21 January 2013

5 Tips on Caring For Leather Furniture

Whenever we stumble upon the most stylish and versatile upholstery for furniture, we definitely end up with a single answer that is Leather. Leather furniture is found everywhere in your home in different forms. For example, you may find it in shape of leather beds in your bedroom, while on other hand you will see it as faux leather sofa beds in living room. It provides a most luxurious, rich and cozy look to your home. They are exceptional in comfort too.
When it is about caring for leather furniture, it is not a hard and tricky task. You just need to bear in mind some points and you will get a long lasting, ever fresh and stain free leather furniture even if it is white leather beds. Here, I have suggested a list of 5 top caring tips that will make your leather furniture alive. 

Regular dusting or vacuuming:
To avoid high pile work after a long period of time, you are suggested to do it regularly. It’s not hard. You just need a soft and clean cloth to dust it so that you may remove all light dust mites time to time. You may use any old cotton T shirt for dusting purpose. On the other hand, you may also vacuum it on regular basis if you find it more convenient than dusting. You must use a soft brush in vacuum cleaner so that you may save your items from scratches and damages. 

Do not get lazy and careless:
If your leather furniture gets any spills you must wipe out it immediately without any delay so that it may not leave mark over it. If there are liquid spills, use a paper towel or a dry cloth to soak it immediately. You must blot up it quite softly; never rub it, if you do so you will definitely end up with marks. If liquid is too much then use several paper towels and dry cloths to blot it up.
If you are having grease or oil spills on furniture then sprinkle some corn starch over it, rub it gently. The rubbing motion will warm up the grease or oils spills and it will be easy to soak it up. After that you must vacuum it to remove cornstarch.
To remove ink stains from leather furniture, you may apply alcohol over it through cotton balls. Rub it gently and stain will disappear. Before applying it over the actual effected area, you must test on any hidden or back side of the furniture. 

Protect from heat and sunlight:
You must place your leather furniture items at least 2-3 feet away from the heat point such as fireplaces and heating vents. Do not place it in direct sunlight for more than 10 minutes. Both of these acts save your leather items from fading, peeling and cracking. Avoiding these acts will make your leather furniture supple. 

Nourishing and moisturizing:
You must apply leather conditioners to your items twice a year because it moisturizes and nourishes your items. Properly oil those areas that receive most wear such the cushions of the leather sofas and arms. It will soften the leather furniture and save it from tear. 

Test before apply:
You must test out your each and every method including conditioning before application so that you may avoid serious marks and reactions. You may check it on bottom, footrest or backside. 

These are the 5 most common tips to care for leather furniture that will surely give you a highly maintained item.

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