Saturday, 12 January 2013

Triple Bunk Beds are Great Space Saving

Today we live may be in the culmination of the crowded globe. Due to this reason, bunk beds have become so popular. Usually they contain 2 or 3 beds. Today, every interior designer and architect try to save the space as most of the houses have space issue.

Among kids beds they are so famous. Similarly they are used in student hostels, army hostels, prison cells and dormitories to accommodate more persons in limited space.
If you have more than one child then they are the best to accommodate them in low space. They have sleeping spaces for two or more persons vertically above and below to each others.
Basically, they are not just handy in terms of space saving but they are loved by the kids too because of many reasons. They enjoy much their height. They like to go to the beds when they use stairs or ladders.
They also contain sufficient space for storage where kids can place their various things like football, baseball, cricket bat, toys, extra shoes and clothes, books, note books, etc.
Often they are made from solid natural wood not from manufactured wood because it is so strong and elegant. They are available in the stores in many designs as well as colors so you can select according to your choice. They suit much classic, modern as well as contemporary interior design.
These beds also come in L shaped especially for those rooms where you have space to place the bed in corner.

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